Women's Fashion Stores

 Stylenanda is style.
Stylenanda has their own designs, cosmetics line (3 Concept Eyes), 
as well as other brands such as Jeffrey Campbell.
Take a look at how your favorite korean celebrities are styling Nanda. 

 Miamasvin means I (Mi) Love (Amas) You (Vin) in Esperanto. 
Miamasvin provides fashionable and trendy clothing, shoes, and accessories for young women.
Free shipping for purchases over $200!
Earn store credit for purchases and reviews! 

 Petite to Plus, HOTPING for every girl!
Every girl is beautiful and every size is perfect
HOTPING offers its own brand of exclusive clothing fit for every girl from petite to plus
FREE SHIPPING world wide!

Art • Fashion • Music • Love
Mixxmix covers vintage items which were famous in the past
and trendy fashion items, and it introduces future-oriented designers.

66 Girls is all about being confident with who you are, whatever your size.
One of the few brands in Korea that carry Stylish Plus Size Korean Fashion online.
66 Girls Brand believes that big doesn't have to mean boring.
Dress with confidence!

 For women who want to look radiant, CHUU is here to make your dreams come true. 
Be adorable, bubbly, sophisticated and sexy
Dream of a more confident you; one that no one can help but be attracted to.

 Stay comfortable and look stylish. Chic & classy avant-garde fashion. 
For the stylish "it" girls this is your place!
In-house designed and manufactured high quality, unique items! 

 Yubsshop is the one-stop shop for women who love retro and vintage style fashion. 
They have been fashion vogue-centric since 2006. 
Check them out now.

2f is your online fashion boutique for sweet and chic casual apparel.
For the lastest update on korean fashion, this is your shop.

 This is your new favorite online shop. 
Like the name, you will become a shopa-"holic" with "holic holic".
Basic and simple for your everyday wear.

 AURA-J was inspired from the unique and stylish fashionista Jae-Young. 
She personally hand picks the items, models as well as designs or the brand.
AURA-J aims to provide a wide varitey of versatile items for the 
twenty-something ranging up to fashionable moms 

 Secret2Grils for the fashion conscious young woman!
This store has polished and chic styles for all occasions.

 Simplicity at its best. 
For every woman who likes to be simple and classy all the time. 

Storets is the place to shop for trendy indie designers and labels
for fashion-forward women. 
With free shipping on all purchases, what are you waiting for?

Children's Fashion Stores    

Hodoostory for your little girl aged 5 to 14. 
From clothes to accessories, they even carry toys and stationary. 
Designs and illistrations all created in-house.
Welcome this friendly and tasteful brand into your home.

Sweet clothes to shoes to accessories at The Jany for your little princess.

Men's Fashion Stores 

From basics to trendy items,
Jogun Shop has everything a guy needs to complete his wardrobe!

Cosmetic Stores

Etude means "beautiful study of Chopin" in French.
We contain the scene of perky your women who tries something
new and changes constantly for their bright and happy life.

Want a complete makeover?
ClubClio has top-class, quality cosmetics just for you!

A natural and organic cosmetic brand that vitalizes beautiful skin.

World-renowned specialty cosmetics store housing some of Korea's
top-selling brands such as: Laneige, Iope, Mamonde and their very own Aritaum line.
They also cater to the male market with the launch of their Odyssey brand.
Secret Key uses 100% all natural extracts to create revolutionary skin care
and makeup products that aim to modernize skin therapy and promote environmental
responsibility by following the beauty wisdom of the ancient ages
Safe for everyone, even on sensitive skin.

Home of the best natural mineral and herbal cosmetics.
Mineral House will give what's best for your skin.

Retail & Online Stores


One of Korea's biggest online market place with more the 10 million
of the best Korean products in all categories from fashion and cosmetics for
men, women and kids to electronic gadgets, home, sports, books and lifestyle.
Provides worldwide shipping to over 102 countries.

Galleria is a retail specialist that operates seven luxury department stores
in major business centers in South Korea.

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