[Etude House] Wear Your Moment Body Mist

Wear Your Moment Body Mist

Wear Your Moment Body Mist by Etude House

"You are what you smell" holds true with Wear Your Moment Body Mist. With a scent for every occasion, you can subtly express your mood by choosing among the chic fragrance collection. For a long-lasting smell that can last the whole day, it is best to spray on the body or on hair after shower.

Own your style,

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  1. Too bad I'm allergic to perfumes.. just found out :\
    Sounds lovely!

    Maybe you would like to see this pastel feels post Lucknow Chikankari in Bikaner

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    Much Love
    Fictitious Fashion

    1. Hello there,

      Oh, We're sorry to hear that. But you can recommend these to your friends and relatives. :)

      Thank you for visiting our blog!




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