[DIY] Create Your Own Sunglasses for Summer

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Summer is not only for flaunting a hot and sexy beach body but it's also a season for showing off different fashion statements! Let's step aside bikinis and beach-perfect bods today and just focus on having a stylish and unique summer look.

If you have budget to buy new clothes/accessories for summer then go, no one will stop you doing that. But if you want to save more then you should try to make your own. How? It's easy, just follow my instructions and I'm sure you'll love when you finally made one!

For today's summer DIY, I will teach you how to create your own sunglasses. First, you need to prepare these things.

1. One pair of sunglasses
2. Rhinestone necklace
3. Metal glue

When you're done preparing these stuffs then we're ready to start.

Step #1

Image Source: www.trinketsinbloom.com

Remove the chain from your rhinestone necklace. 

Step #2

Image Source: www.trinketsinbloom.com

Take your metal glue and place a small amount on your sunglasses on one side where you will be placing your rhinestone.

Step #3

Image Source: www.trinketsinbloom.com

Hold it for a few minutes until it dry.

Sunglasses are the perfect accessory for summer, they protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. This DIY is super simple to do and add some serious fun to your wardrobe.

DIY Expert,

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