[Nails] Goodbye Nail Dilemmas: What to Eat for Healthier Nails

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Are you having a hard time dealing with your brittle, flaking, soft and weak nails? We know what to do -- EAT! And here's a simple list on how to solve those nail problems in a yummy kind of way.

If you experience dull nails, it means that you have a folate deficiency. This makes your body reject the absorption of essential B vitamin. Eating folate-rich foods like beans, spinach, legumes, green leafy vegetables and peas would do the job.

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Brittle or flaking nails mean that you are in need of essential fatty acids in your diet which will help to keep your nail beds moisturized. You can achieve this by adding two tablespoons of ground flaxseed or flaxseed oil on your favorite smoothies and cereals.

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For those who are suffering from soft nail conditions, it's time to add some Keratin (a tough protein that makes nail stronger) in your life. Pork loins, cornish hens, lower sodium deli-sliced turkeys, salmon, mackarel and lean meat can help prevent or cure weak  nails.

With this, you can surely have strong, healthy and pretty nails just by keeping a great diet. Eat up and say goodbye to those nail dilemmas!


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