[Shoes] Cool Embellished Loafers

Image Source:thevaultfiles.com
With Spring season ongoing, fashionista ladies and women seek a unique and cool style to set the trend from head to toe. Speaking of toes, we got this easy and simple tutorial to help you improve your shoes!

Grab the materials you need and let's start! :)

What you'll need:

  • A pair of loafers
  • Faceted drop embellishments
  • Glue

Step 1:

Get your pair of loafers and select the best place to your own design.

Image Source:thevaultfiles.com

Step 2:

Grab your faceted drop embellishments and glue them one by one to the loafers.
Image Source:thevaultfiles.com

Note: I choose to stick on a minimalist style that's why I'm using black embellishments.

Step 3:

Let the glued embellishments dry for a while. You can check if you are satisfied with the design. If not, you can add more embellishments on it.

Image Source:thevaultfiles.com
Using this easy do-it-yourself guide, prettifying your shoes is just a simple task. Always remember that you can explore more by using a wide variation of sizes and colors of embellishments if you want to in order to create your own unique style. Now walk in style with these newly decorated loafers!


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