[DIY] Do-It-Yourself Project this Spring

Opting for buying a more wearable top this season? Why not try to just save your money instead and have that "more wearable top" by doing it all by yourself? Now that you're reading this post, let me share you a nice DIY project that's perfect this Spring. It's called the "Lace & Ribbon Tank", sounds good right? Before we start, please prepare the things below.

Materials Needed for the DIY

   • A non-stretch tank top
   • Lace
   • Black ribbon
   • Fabric glue pen

Image Source: spydiy.com

If you have them all right now, you'll need to follow these easy steps!


Image Source: spydiy.com

Cut out flowers from the lace then place onto your shirt.


 Image Source: spydiy.com

Image Source: spydiy.com

Once you have your pieces in place, glue around the edges of the lace and lay onto your shirt.


Image Source: spydiy.com

Next, cut pieces of ribbon then glue onto your top.


Image Source: spydiy.com

Let it dry, then pin on a brooch for a little something extra.

Just do some inspection and if you find it okay then your Lace & Ribbon Tank is good to go!

DIY Expert,

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