[Beauty] How to Achieve Poreless Skin

Asians, more particularly Koreans, have long been envied for having luminous and seemingly poreless skin in appearance.

While some can thank good genes for fine-looking skin, in some cases it is also a byproduct of a top secret, meticulous, daily 5 to 7-step skin care regimen. But then there are also others (myself, included. LOL) who just might need to do a couple or more steps to achieve that ultimate poreless look.

Image Source: seoulbeautyfactory.blogspot.com

Their wide selection of cosmetics that range from the purest naturals to straight-up bizarre ingredients (I'm talking about you, Snail Mucus) have firmly put Korea in the Global Beauty map.

I guess we can all agree in saying that porelessness is next to youthfulness, right? Luckily, most products are already available here in the US or online with worldwide shipping offers that sometimes come with a ton of free samples of their new products for beauty junkies like us, to try.

Done a little research over the weekend and since I don't mean to overwhelm you with a grueling skin care routine, I have narrowed it down to the basics. It's a 4-step program with carefully-selected products, all of which 100% Korean that's guaranteed to cleanse, tone, tighten and minimize the appearance of your pores within a week! Yes a week!

4-Step Pore Workout Plan

1. Cleanse

Top Pick: Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam

Image Source: innisfreeworld.com

2. Tone

Top Pick: Etude Wonder Pore Freshner

Image Source: seoulsistas.net

3. Tighten

Top Pick: Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Emulsion

Image Source: rakuten.com.my

4. Prime

Top Pick: Banila Co. Classic Matte Primer

Image Source: jjj-shop.com

Beauty Nut,
Paige xx

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