[11Street] Scinic Snail Matrix Cream

Scinic Snail Matrix Cream

Fight the the visible signs of aging with Scinic Snail Matrix Cream. Formulated with 23% pure Snail Mucus Extract, Peptide, Adenosine and EGF. A powerful moisturizer that takes care of rough skin patches, tightens and increases the skin's resilience and moisture levels to heal sun damage and make fine lines disappear.


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  1. Hello, how can one get this product to sell in Nigeria? Can you help us get this products so we can sell in Nigeria? These are very nice products that will sell well here in Nigeria.

    Contact me on: ngozikanwiro@gmail.com let's discuss. Well done

    1. Hello my dear, if you want this product. You can click any of the images above and you'll be directed to its purchasing page. We ship world wide so sending this product to Nigeria won't be a problem. Thank you so much!



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