[Nails] Winter Sonata Nail Art

Image Source: didmynails.com

Can you fill the chill? If you love winter, why not add it to your own style? Here's a good news folks -- we'll be teaching you how to make winter style nails. This tutorial is quite easy but simply amazing. So let's get it on!

What you need:

  • Nail polish (1 blue, 1 white)
  • Bobby pin
  • Thin stick

Step 1:

Cover all your nails with blue nail polish. If you would notice, I used a nail polish with glitters for a cool effect.
Image Source: didmynails.com

Step 2:

After the blue nail polish is dry, grab your stick and dip it in white nail polish. Create a plus sign to any nail you like. The plus sign may vary (small, big, off-centered or in the middle).

Step 3:

Use the stick again and now create a smaller "x" of white across the middle of the plus sign.
Image Source: didmynails.com

Step 4:

Get your bobby pin and dip it into the white nail polish. Make 4 dots of white at the ends of the plus sign.
Image Source: didmynails.com

Step 5:

Using the same bobby pin, add smaller dots on the nail at random.
Image Source: didmynails.com

Step 6:

Repeat the steps until you finish putting snow flake designs on all your nails.
Image Source: didmynails.com

Keep in mind that you can add more flavor to this design by inventing your own style. Just ensure that your nails won't be overdecorated. Now enjoy the season and chill out with your cute winter sonata nails!


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