[Korean Wave] Beauty Tips From Korea's Hottest Female Celebrities

 Image source: kpopstarz.com
Flawless, youthful, glowing, beautiful. These adjectives are some that you can use to describe Korea's most famous faces. Though some live with the acceptance that these female celebs have won the genetic lottery, with a little consistent effort, we too can bring out our best face forward and be radiant! Here are some beauty tips by some of Korea's hottest female celebrities.

Sulli of f(x)

image source: kpopstarz.com
This singer's picture-perfect sweet face is all thanks to Etude House Cosmetics. She was their brand ambassador and she carried the brand well. The secret to her smooth, flawless complexion is she uses Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base as a primer before applying BB cream. The effect leaves her with enviable glowy skin.

Lee Min Jung

Image source: soompi.com
Lee Min Jung maintains her porcelain skin by using mist for face cleansing. Instead of using cleansing oils or creams, she uses a mist-type cleanser. She does this to avoid rubbing her face too much (as rubbing is said to accelerate aging). She sprays the mist on her face and wait until the makeup comes off. She rinses her face with lukewarm water.

Goo Hara from Kara

Image source: kpopstarz.com
Sometimes, the best beauty products are stuff that you can find at home. The singer loves using cucumbers on her face for moisture. She cuts them up and places them all over her face like a cucumber facial.

Jin-Ah (Nana) of After School

Image source: kpopbreak.com
Being in a girl group means changing your looks a lot. This also means damage caused by frequent styling and coloring on their tresses. The gorgeous Nana not only takes care of her skin, but she also makes sure she takes care of her lock. The secret to her long. beautiful, straight hair is Moroccanoil Treatment Light.

Go Hyun-Jung

Image source: couch-kimchi.com
Who would believe that this actress is in her forties? Actress Go Hyun-Jung's luminous and youthful skin is flawless, even without makeup. Taken from her first-ever bestselling beauty book "Go Hyun-Jung's Texture", one of her beauty tips is to follow the textures of your fine hairs (those barely visible peach fuzz we have on our face). 

When applying a cleansing lotion on your face, she advises to apply it according to the growth direction of the fine hairs. When rubbing or cleansing, do it against the direction of growth.

Hyorin from Sistar

Image source: fr.kpopstarz.com
Singer Hyrorin keeps her skin glowing in and out by taking Omija tea. Omija tea is a Korean berry tea that's topped with pine nuts.

Son Ye-Jin

Image source: asiafan.info
Actress Son Ye-Jin follows several steps (that are definitely worth your time seeing how great it worked on her even after being in the show business for decades) when she cleanses her face. Before she begins cleansing, she puts a hot steam towel on her face to open facial pores. 

Massage your face around the forehead, temples, and cheekbones over the steam towel. Cleanse your face with an exfoliating cleanser. Rinse your face with ice lemon water which helps the pores contract.

There's no harm in trying these safe and simple beauty rituals. Here's hoping for the best results!

Till next time!

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