[DIY] The Ultimate DIY Christmas Sweater

It's 16 days before Christmas, what are your plans? Are you thinking of buying a new sweater? I guess it's better for you to take a break from shopping for a while and check out this DIY. Today, I will teach you how to make your old sweater look new and lovely again.

First, you'll need to prepare these things before we start our DIY Christmas sweater.

Image Source: cassiefairy.com

     • Old sweater
     • Pack of pom-poms
     • Thread
     • Needle
     • Pins
     • Scissors

Step #1

Lay your old sweater flat and position the pom-poms to create a pleasing pattern wherever you want them to be.

Step #2

Image Source: cassiefairy.com

Pin them into position so that they stay in place.

Step #3

Knot the thread inside the old sweater and bring the needle through to the front. Stitch up through the pom-pom and back down into the pom-pom before taking the needle back inside the sweater and securing it with a knot.

Step #4

Image Source: cassiefairy.com

Repeat will all of the pom-poms and remove pins before wearing your festive Christmas sweater with pride!

You can always add any other decoration that may catch your eye and please don't forget to show me your own sweater project, okay? I would love to see your piece!

DIY Expert,

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