Must Try Haircuts For Winter

As the freezing season sets in, I'm sure that most of the girls think it's the perfect time to change things up with a new hairstyle. Winter is all about texture, from comfy sweaters to new layers in our hair. Today, I will give you the top 3 haircuts to try out for winter!

Full Graduated Layers

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Instead of the been there, done that, mermaid ways that we usually see on the television. It's better to try for shorter, more graduated waves that fall just below the collar bone. This looks has natural volume and an effortlessly easy yet sexy vibe.

Modern Farrah Fawcett

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This popular haircut takes inspiration from the 70s beauty icon but us still completely fashionable. The shoulder length layers will work with or without bang and complement all face shapes.

Blunt Midi Cut

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Hairstyle that's having a major moment. It has absolutely no layers, just a straight cut with a bit of feathering at the ends. The only thing with this hairstyle is that it works best on those with an oval face shape.

Ruffled Petite Cut

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Say 'Goodbye' to those straight angled bobs! Winter is all about short and defined waves that effortlessly frame your face. This hairstyle will not only make you look stunning but also a little bit seductive.

Hope that you enjoy reading my post and I'm sure that you've got an idea of what hairstyle you're going to do this coming winter. Please don't forget to share my post with your friends, okay? Thanks a lot!

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