[Make-up] Corrective Concealers

Using purple, yellow and green concealers might sound crazy and daunting at first, but once you hear the science behind their pigments, it actually makes a whole lot of sense.

Concealers are one of the most important beauty products that we use in our daily beauty routines. It has been our weapon of choice against dark circles, uneven skin tone and blemishes. But did you know that you can make concealing more efficient if you use specially colored ones? If yes, congratulations! Yay! If no, then keep reading. Lol

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So without furter ado, let us start exploring the art that is color-correcting concealers:

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1. Green

Neutralizes red zones or spots as well as blemishes and pimples on your face. Use it to better cover up acne too.
Kstylick recommends: Physicians Formula Gentle Cover Concealer

 Image Source:physiciansformula.com

2. Purple

Color-corrects yellow discoloration on your skin. It counteracts and hides them by evening out your skin tone and gives it a healthy glow.
Kstylick recommends: Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting

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3. Yellow

Equalizes overall skin tone. Discreetly hides the horrible dark circles under your eyes and little imperfections for a fresh look like you've had 8 hours of sleep.
Kstylick recommends: Benefit Lemon Aid

Image Source:benefitcosmetics.co.uk

Now, you can have a flawless and even skin tone easily. Happy concealing, loves!

Makeup Junkie,
Paige xx

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