[Korean Wave] Guidelines For Visiting Your Korean Friend's Home

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Immersing in an entirely different culture can be a source of a lot of awkward moments and mishaps but don't let this get in the way of friendship! Visiting your Korean friend's home for the first time? No worries! This guide will help you through the details.

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Posted by Koreaboo on Monday, 14 September 2015

Before you head out to your Korean friend's house, remember this first rule.

1.) Don't turn up empty handed

Being welcomed into their homes is a privilege granted to people who they are close with. They are welcoming you into their private space so it's a pretty big deal for  them. The best way to break the ice and make a great impression is to bring them small gifts when you visit them for the first time. It's an awesome way of saying "thank you very much for inviting me to come over!"

Now that we've taken care of that, let's head to your friend's home. Before you step inside, always, always remember to 

2.) Take off your shoes

Koreans like their homes clean and tidy so taking your shoes off before you enter is a genuine sign of respect. The Korean lifestyle is centered around activities that are done on low-set furniture such as dining, sitting, and sleeping, keeping the floor clean is a must. Taking your shoes which you have used outside would be super unhygienic.

You're being introduced to their elders. What to do? Keep it low key, and avoid being touchy. 

3.) Never touch an elder or someone with a higher rank than you on the head or on the shoulder.

That is only acceptable when you're interacting with children. Doing so would be like downplaying their authority. 

So they're inviting you to dine. All is good just as long as you remember t these simple guidelines:

4.) Don't eat first! Wait for everyone especially the elders!

We know, we can be super hungry but try to not to take that first bite not unless everyone is sitted at the table, especially the elders. You shouldn't even pick up your utensils! The oldest person must eat first. This is a sign of respect and giving them regard.

5.) Don't pour water only for yourself

Pouring water only for yourself will make you look like you only care for yourself and makes you look like you think less of others. Check everyone's cups if they need filling and make sure everyone has enough.

Now that's done, there's one last thing you have to keep in mind:

6) Don't get up and leave the table before the elders do

Finishing early would make it appear that you are waiting for them to finish, hence they will eat faster. Try keeping a similar pace. However, when you're really done, place your chopsticks or utensils on the table until the elders give you permission to leave the table.

That wasn't so hard, was it? I'm sure you're friend will be really proud of you!

Till next time,

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