[Etude House] Loving Days Fragrance Mist

 Loving Days Fragrance Mist

Smell as good as you look with Loving Days Fragrance Mist. It comes in 3 enticing scents that will surely leave a great impression. Cooling Sugar smells fresh and fruity. It has watery fruits for top notes, violet and lilies for middle notes, and a blend of peach and musk for base. This scent is perfect if you want to feel fresh and carefree. The dreamy scent of Blooming Love reminds you of sweet memories with its peony and roses top notes, berries middle notes, soft amber and wood base notes. For an energizing summer scent, Sweet Sparkling is composed of citrus top notes, middle notes of freesia and jasmine, and a light musk base note. It comes in a cute spritz bottle that you can carry anywhere you go.

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