[Perfume] Catch the Fever - Heat by Beyoncé

Image Source: theperfumeshop.com
Are you ready for some hot stuff? Good news -- we got you covered. Today we'll be talking about Heat by the attractive and talented Beyoncé. The very name of the perfume was inspired by her live performances in tours that utilized pyrotechnics.

Heat was first released on February 2010 where Beyoncé described it as follows: "I wanted to make sure that it was something I would love forever."

Image Source: theperfumeshop.com
According to perfume critics and reviewers, the best description for this perfume is fiery and sexy for it has top notes of red vanilla-orchid, magnolia, neroli and peach. Base notes include amber, tonka bean and sequoia and middle notes are musk, honeysuckle, almonds and musky cream that provides a floral, fruity and woody appeal.

In terms of packaging, Heat is packaged in a red triangular bottle with a gold band that has "Beyoncé" and "Heat". The cap is beautifully etched with a letter B.

Image Source: theperfumeshop.com
With all this impressive information about this perfume, do you think you can handle the Heat? If you do, go to the nearest store and grab one today!


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