[Korean Wave] The Ulzzang Look

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Many KPop fans and Korean culture enthusiasts have probably come across the term "ulzzang". It usually comes along with photos of cute Asian girls and boys who could be idols. But what does this term really mean? 

Ulzzang literally means "best face", it's actually a combination of two Korean words: eolgul (Korean얼굴) meaning "face" and jang (Korean) a slang term meaning "best". The term was used by netizens competing for the "ulzzang" title by posting their own photos featuring their best angles.

With the growing popularity of KPop and Korean culture among the younger generation, the "Ulzzang Look" has also gained popularity. The Ulzzang Look generally aims to accentuate the features of the face "naturally" (thus the popularity of BB Creams over foundations). The best features of an ulzzang are their cute hairstyles, doey eyes, milky white skin, small nose and thin lips.

Now, how does one achieve the sought-after Ulzzang Look? Let's break down what makes a face "ulzzang". This applies to both male and female. 


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Your hair crowns your beauty, so they say. Hairstyle plays an important role in the look as it frames your face. Though a lot of idols are seen donning extreme hairstyles, the main goal of the Ulzzang Look is to look beautiful in a natural-looking way that is why natural Asian hair colors are favored over colorful ones. 


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The most sought-after face shape is the V-line or egg shape. This face shape narrows down towards the chin. The Ulzzang Look aims to look as young as possible and this face shape will significantly affect all your features. Soft curves are the key.


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Clear, bright, glowy skin like a porcelain doll is an important factor in achieving the look. This is achieved by using BB creams and light, natural-looking makeup and tints.


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To achieve that innocent, doe-eyed look, opt for eyebrows that look neat and natural. A pair of straight and full eyebrows creates a more delicate and youthful look as opposed to thin, arched eyebrows that are popular in the West.

Wide eyes and double eyelids are favored (which can be achieved through makeup or cosmetic surgery). Most ulzzangs would opt for their natural eye color when using circle lenses to enlarge their eyes. Aegyo sal, which is often mistaken for eye bags, are those little puffs under the eyes that act like a double eyelid beneath them. They actually make your eyes look bigger. This can be achieved by the correct makeup.

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