[Korean Wave] Let's Go Seoul Shopping

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Shopping isn't just a means to acquire clothes and other necessities. To a lot of people, especially women, shopping is a form of diversion.

This is what you call, retail therapy. Like comfort foods and alcoholic drinks, shopping is a way to relieve stress for some people. You focus on buying things of your liking and disregard your other issues. You solely focus on your shopping spree and the sense of accomplishment it would give you when you buy something fancy and fab.

But, of course let's not stray away from the primary reason why a person needs to go shopping. And that is? To buy goods. As simple as that.

In lieu to that, let me introduce you to some renowned shopping places in Seoul.

1. Myeongdong
  - Korea's shopping center
  - Location of big brands like H&M, Zara, Nike and UNIQLO
  - Home of the famous Lotte Department store
  - Offers discounts for tourists

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2. Dongdaemun
  - Mecca of local Korean brands
  - Street stores usually open around 9pm and closes near dawn
  - Large buildings like Doota and Migilore are dedicated to Korea-made fashion
  - Affordable products

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3. Itaewon
  - Famous for their custom tailored suits
  - Offers bigger sizes and baggy hiphop fashion
  - A whole underground market of high quality fake bags

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4. Ewha (Edae)
  - Cheaper choice for shopping
  - Near a women's college and targets young women
  - Great cheap prices
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5. Hongdae
 - Combination of imported brands and domestic Korean stores
 - Cheap prices catering to college students
 - Day market but usually stays open till late night

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Have fun shopping! :)


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